You Should Consider an Outdoor Kitchen

by Lutes Custom Cabinetry on 2019-07-24 22:19:39

Here in Northeast Ohio, those pleasant, sunny days are a gem, and when we have days like that, it's nice to take advantage of being outside as long as possible, especially if you spend the majority of your day indoors. If you frequently enjoy dining on your deck or patio, here are some reasons an outdoor kitchen might be worth considering.

Allows you to spend more time outdoors

When it's nice outside, that last thing you probably feel like doing is being stuck inside cooking a meal. It can feel as though you're racing the clock to get a meal on the table, sit down and eat it, get everything cleaned up, and still have time to enjoy what's left of the daylight. With an outdoor kitchen, you can enjoy not only eating outside, but making the entire meal—and possibly even doing the cleanup—outside as well.

Adds storage space if you already cook or dine outdoors

If you frequently cook or dine in your outdoor living space, you probably understand what a chore it can be to haul your cooking supplies, dinnerware, utensils, food, and drinks outside—and then back inside when you're done. An outdoor kitchen equipped with custom-built, weather resistant cabinets and drawers can give you a place to conveniently store those items near your outdoor cooking and dining area.

Adds convenience

Depending on your budget, available space, and the potential for gas, electric, and water hookups, outdoor kitchens may include conveniences such as:

  • Counter/food prep space
  • Grill, smoker, wood-fired oven, pizza oven, extra cooktops, or warming drawers
  • Refrigerator
  • Sink or dishwasher
  • TV, speakers, lighting, or overhead fans

Expands your living and entertaining space

No matter the size of your indoor kitchen and dining area, an outdoor kitchen will expand your living space, giving you an entirely new area to spend time at home with your family. If you do have a small kitchen or dining area that isn't ideal for hosting guests, an outdoor kitchen could give you the space needed to have friends or family over for dinner without feeling crowded.

Keeps the heat, grease, and cooking odors out of the kitchen

Using your oven or stovetop can cause the temperature in your kitchen to rise, and while cooking outdoors probably won't save you a noticeable amount of money on your utility bills, you'll be able to help keep your kitchen a little cooler by cooking outdoors. While grilling can certainly be accomplished without an outdoor kitchen, the added conveniences of an outdoor kitchen make it more likely you'll use your grill. And cooking outdoors is definitely a more desirable option when items such as greasy hamburgers are on the menu, or seafood that would create lingering odors in your home.

Are you considering adding a kitchen to your outdoor space? Give us a call at 330.756.2326! We can help you plan and build a custom outdoor kitchen that's the perfect addition for your home.

you should consider an outdoor kitchen

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