April Showers Bring Opportunities to Declutter your Closet

by Lutes Custom Cabinetry on 2018-04-06 15:52:58

It’s officially spring, and while that gives us hope that beautiful weather is just around the corner, April is notorious for dishing out some dreary, rainy days. While gray days may inspire you to sink onto your couch and binge watch your favorite TV series, these days provide a wonderful opportunity for channeling your energy into spring decluttering, especially when it comes to your closet. Getting more organized now means you can spend warmer days basking in the sunshine rather than rummaging through your closet.

So, how do you tackle this seemingly overwhelming feat?

Start by removing everything (yes, everything!) from your closet.

This prevents you from ignoring items you might be indecisive about. You’ll be forced to assess each item and decide whether or not it is worthy of taking up valuable closet space. Plus, clearing your closet gives you the chance to dust your shelves and vacuum or sweep the floor.

Once the dust settles, stand back and admire how much bigger your closet looks without all the clutter. Feels better already, doesn’t it?

Designate boxes or large bags for items you decide to donate, sell, consign, or discard

Having a convenient place to put unwanted items makes it more likely they won’t end up right back in your closet.

Retrieve your spring clothes from storage, if necessary

If you’ve stored your spring clothes somewhere other than your closet, now is the time to get them out so you can sort through them and determine what is going to make it into your closet.

Identify your favorites

Take inventory of your winter clothes first since they’re fresh in your mind. Which items are you absolutely sure you will want to enjoy next winter? These are most likely the items you wore regularly last winter, whether it was every other day (we won’t tell!) or every other week. Put these items in a “keep” pile.

Next, move on to your spring clothes, since you’ll be putting those front and center in your newly organized closet.

Remove items you don’t (or can’t) wear

Clothes that no longer fit, are uncomfortable, or just aren’t right for you fall into this category. Maybe you roasted every time you wore that turtleneck sweater, or avoided wearing those jeans you shrank in the dryer. Whatever the reason, if you didn’t wear something this past season, chances are you won’t wear it next year, either. Sell or donate these items and let someone else enjoy them. If you get in the habit of doing this after every season, you’ll be able to pull the next season’s clothes into your closet with little effort.

Discard any clothes that are extremely worn or beyond repair

If something is in such bad shape that you wouldn’t wear it in public, nobody else will want to wear it, either. Keep in mind that some charities that accept clothing will automatically recycle items they find unfit to be sold or donated to families in need. You can always call area charities in advance to find out if this is an option. If not, consider keeping the clothes to wear for tasks such as home improvement projects, yard work, or heavy cleaning. If neither of those are options, then it’s time to discard the items.

Get your winter clothes ready for storage, if necessary

If you only have room to keep one or two season’s worth of clothes in your closet, now would be the time to store away the winter clothes you decided to hang on to until next year. Before you store these items, make sure to launder or dry clean them. Once laundered, store them in a plastic container with a lid, preferably in a climate-controlled area.

Start putting your favorites back in your closet

Put your favorites for the current season in your closet first, and see how much room you have left, keeping in mind you’ll need space for any new clothes you plan to purchase for the season.

Tackle the in-betweens

This is the hardest part of the process. Once you’ve selected your favorites and eliminated clothes you definitely won’t be keeping, you’ll probably be stuck with the in-betweens—those items you aren’t sure you’re ready to part with, but that definitely aren’t your favorites. If you’re on the fence about keeping something, try it on and make sure it still fits well and feels comfortable. If you’ve got a lot of clothes in this in-between category, sometimes deciding what to keep depends on space. Other times, it depends on how many like items you have. After all, how many striped shirts or black pairs of pants does one person need? You’ll be able to evaluate and make comparisons much easier when you can see all of your favorites in your closet.

Once you’ve decluttered your closet and decided what to keep, it’s the perfect time to think about how to maximize your space. That’s where we can help! From custom-built shelving, drawers, and storage cabinets to pull-out ironing board storage, we can help you make the most of your space. Give us a call to get stated!

suggestions on how to declutter your closet

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